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Does not "Alarm"

It say, Alarm Clock. However, when the alarm goes off, it is one single machine "clonk." Nothing resembling a ringing that would force one to wake up and shut off said alarm. That does not make it usable as an alarm clock in my opinion. Yes- I was late to my meeting.

This is a wonderful-looking clock

I wanted a clock that displayed day of week and this one does it beautifully.

Quite a Nice Clock

I really like this clock. The analog hand movement is especially pleasant. Switching between virtual desktops causes no problems to the continuous smooth sweep of the second hand. The calendar integration is also a clever feature, though it's not a major factor for me. For me it's all about the clock. I just wanted a nice looking clock to sit in the corner of my desktop and this is nearly perfect. Here are few things that would make it better for me: The Black/Red/Green/Blue clock bezel could be a little narrower; at least, that's my personal taste. It would be nice if that could be adjusted in preferences. The "Change black/white" feature doesn't seem to work; seems like a minor bug. I can only get a white clock face for the Black/Red/Green/Blue clock bezels. The controls for setting the custom Latitude and Longitude for Sun rise/set are far too small. Using them is an exercise in frustration. Relying on the Automatic setting also resulted in a rather inaccurate Latitude/Longitude result. That preference pane needs some rework but it doesn't detract from the clock functionality, which is the important thing. The alarm seems to lag by about 45 seconds or so; for example, if set for 8:20, you'll hear the alarm at 8:20:45, approximately. Probably not a big deal but you'd expect the alarm to go off at exactly the time set rather than a little after. Looks like another possible minor bug. However, none of these little bugaboos detract from my overall satisfaction. This is a nice clock.

Alarm clock seekers stay away

I needed an alarm clock because my iPhone is away and thought this would be a good purchase. Nope. The alarm is a very minimal "beep" which would never be able to wake me up for school. The clock designs are cool and everything but come on, let's get the utility down before we start jazzing things up with decorations and iCal integration.

I spent $3 so you don

Does not show iCal events. Does not launch iCal. Unlike the image above, if you choose a black dial the black clock hands are invisible against it. Sunrise / sunset was difficult to get working (but finally did). Any attempt to submit an error report generates an error. Other than that it's an analog clock which shows the time. Update: yes it will show iCal events if the time period is not too long and not too far in the future. No labels, though.

Looks good

Looks good, but alarm clock is not working for some reason, and like it has been mentioned before color selection is mixed up

Nice Design, uses a lot of CPU

I like this app, I really do: spent $1.99 to get its well-designed features. But it's nearly always at the top of Activity Monitor's list. Why does a clock app, which isn't even visible most of the time (I am using multiple desktops), use so much CPU?? I haven't tested for it yet, but I'm wondering whether my MBP will cook itself with the lid shut, due to this app thinking it needs to run all the time. Fix the CPU usage and I'll rerate it at 5/5.


This version fixes the CPU which was my only major gripe with the app. Turning off the second hand the apps usage becomes minimal, making it easy for me to leave open. There do appear to be a couple new issues, first some of the color names for the frames don't match the proper color. Second the filename for the app is really long now… In the end these issues are not big in any way, and I now feel comfortable leaving this open as I had wanted to when I first bought it...

Great functionality; uses too much CPU

Really like the functionality on this clock. Can resize and tuck it away and check the time and my day's schedule at a glance. Major drawback, however, is that on my MBAir, it consumes 27% CPU at rest. Starts up my fans periodically because of this load, when I do other things simultaneously. Can't run it in background because of this. Will wait for an update that addresses this.

Great clock--LOVE IT

So I've used this for a few days and discovered you really can set three alarms, in addition to having it work with ical. I havent really tried it with ical yet but I love that it lets you set lunch, when to go, when to stop and same for your work day. I always forget to take a break and lose track of time. SO this is very handy for me. YOU can however, just set them for whatever you want and viola, three alarms. I only like the black face which also goes from white face to dark at night which is cool. I would like the orange and the meadow if they were combined with the black or made to look for dimensional, but thats just me. not a problem with this product. you can resize the clock and put it where you want it onscreen or even hide it if you need to. I only had one issue (noted below) but Im still going to give this 5 starts. when I want a tool to stay on top, I dont want it to prevent me from selecting anything else. however, when I choose the clock to be on top so that I can see it all the time, Im not able to select anything else. maybe its a bug. so, I just set it off to the side and then its all good. I guess Im old..I like watching the second had go around..which btw you can opt to turn off if you dont like the second hand. Also want to note, I do not have a problem with this clock using up my system resources. It sometimes says its using 15% but I've got good ram and not noted any performance lag because of it. the most wonderful thing about this clock though is in the about menu….I simply love the thank to the inventors mom. :-)

Beautiful handy widget

God where do I start, This little application is so handy for me, the alarm feature is exactly what I was looking for and I love how It syncs with my Icallander.... Not to mention the clock themes look so good!! I have this app on my desktop all day and I recomend it to everybody.

Difficult to setup

Looks cool, but difficult to setup, doesn't understand 24 hour clocks. Could be a 5 star app if improved.

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